About Us

GHS was started on the idea that NET Data could provide collection services to current customers at no charge. Providing judicial software for Justice of the Peace offices for over 30 years placed NET Data in a unique position to develop a product for county governments and merge it with standard collection procedures to develop a fully integrated collections solution.

GHS is owned and operated by the same individuals as NET Data, David Graves, Tory Humphries, and Scott Stahl. They have continued the tradition of quality product, quality customer service to GHS, surrounding themselves with programming and support expertise producing a complete judicial management service to Justice of the Peace offices across Texas.

GHS Collections department is fully staffed with individuals speaking directly to defendants collecting on delinquent cases every day. Almost all of the collection staff is fluent in Spanish as well. Our support staff in the Judicial Management Services department has been taking care of NET Data customers for a minimum of 5 years. Combined with over 20 years of programming experience, the GHS team knows what JP offices need to complete their offices tasks efficiently and effectively.