Our Services

The number of cases filed in Texas Criminal Courts increases yearly, along with case backlogs and delinquent accounts receivable. Courts need relief from the different tedious jobs in their offices to allow time to work current cases and stop or slow the growth of uncollectible cases. As your solutions provider, GHS will find ways to help you accomplish these goals. Combined with NET Data's 30 + years of software engineering and countless years of county government experience, we are answering your needs with solutions that have never been available.

With the ongoing demands from our governing bodies, the way you perform your business is a constantly changing process. We will handle these changes for your office and keep you informed of the ongoing changes in legislation that affect your collections operations.

GHS Provides:

  • Courtesy Notice Mailers
  • NRVC filings
  • OMNI transmissions
  • Delinquent Mailers
  • Generate and help coordinate warrant round up mailers
  • Daily Electronic Information sharing
  • Decreased Backlog
  • Increased Revenue
  • Automatic Ticket Filing
  • Payment Services
  • Online Warrant Search
  • MVR Suspension
  • Automated Targeted Phone Campaigns

Because we know and understand the daily activities that your office undergoes, we can provide solutions that will reduce workload, overhead, and case backlog.

GHS, Ltd., the only fully integrated collections solution.